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Thank You, Seve Ballesteros

Seve Bastelleros! Thank you for showing me that some swings with a great touch can blow like a storm through the imagination of all who witness it and that the power of sheer optimistic belief let browse winds through our thoughts of what actually might be possible or not. You will always be one of my heroes! 

Here are some excerpts of what others say about Severiano. Let me quote something about his extraordinary competitiveness and how he get started with the game.

Ballesteros, who on March 22, 1974, at the age of 16 years  11  months and 12  days became the youngest accredited professional tournament player in the history of Spanish golf, made his European Tour full debut that year in, appropriately, the  Open de España - coincidentally the tournament being played this weekend  and the last of his European Tour wins in 1995 - and then in 1976  he moved centre-stage at The 105th Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

There, at the age of 19, he led for three days. The week before he had been bailing hay at home in Pedreña, Northern Spain, where at the age of seven he struck his first shots on the beach with a cut-down seven iron using stones as ammunition. Now he was living in a little house in Southport, on the cusp of a glittering career. His caddie was a local lad, a policeman called Dick, and the weather was more Spanish than English. The country was in the grip of a heat wave.

The seaside crowd and those watching on TV were mesmerised by the young Spanish lad belting the ball as hard as he could. Ballesteros executed the pragmatism of youth – the shortest distance between two points being a 

straight line to the flag!

...Ballesteros blended skill, spirit and sheer will power as, playing with his heart, he fiercely contested every tournament in which he teed-up. Millions and millions globally were drawn to him by his passion and genius. His legacy can be measured not only by the titles he captured, but the way in which he won them. He threw caution and technique to the wind. You didn’t have to like golf to love Seve.
Nevertheless it was challenging to learn the game. He said: “It was tough for me to begin with because I wasn’t allowed on the golf course. And like any child, when someone stops you from doing something, then you want it more badly. I would sneak on the course in the evening, practise on the second hole. I would also play that second hole from our house by hitting the ball from out of the backyard over on to the green. Then I would run down the hill, grab the balls and run uphill again. This I did thousands of times.”

Please see also the following report on europeantour.com, to witness Señor Ballesteros in action in some of his best moments.
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