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I actually wanted to tweet this but then it struck me, at first, twitter has just a capacity of 140 chars and secondly others will read it like i'am gettig fucking emotionally on some fucking new years eve. Anyway, here is in short what obviously did happen to me, and these are no news.

The year were I lost and found my dad's clarinet, learnt playing a trumpet, had my first 2 one-night stands ever, partied like mad, mentally got dad, worked just on exciting projects, watched more good movies than ever, started smoking again, was totally straight for more than 6 weeks in a row, wrote a love letter to schokoladen, drunk more than 10 beers on the vanishing of the "last club in prenzlauer berg", helped chris move, helped jay move, bought myself a new pair of sneaker, got my first head-shave, slightly took up photography again, organized some jobs for my friends, had 2 marvellous rounds of golf, got into a horse stable after more than a decade, saw paris for the first time, thought a lot and didn't wrote a single fucking piece. Marvellous ridiculous, isn't it!?

Additionally, for sure (living in Berlin), I got to know lots of marvellous people that do great things and make me keep going. And I think I didn't fail that hard this year in showing my friends that I really love them and would be nothing without them.

I hope that, wherever you are, you didn't had to experience a big loss of life and you're OK. 

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